Pinnacle Training Academy Providing Firearms Training, Concealed Carry Permits Tactical/Self Defense Training to the CSRA
Pinnacle Training AcademyProviding Firearms Training, Concealed Carry PermitsTactical/Self Defense Training to the CSRA  

Comprehensive Services - Group and Individual

Pinnacle Training Academy is a professional personal development company with respect to firearms training.  Courses and Classes are offered to support skill sets ranging from the novice through the experienced firearm owner.  If you are interested in developing the proper knowledge, skill sets and attitude regarding firearms then Pinnacle Training Academy is for you.  Pinnacle Training Academy prides itself on providing One on One and Group Training Opprotunities, which are client focused and NRA/SLED approved.  Class sizes are small by design, resulting in more student and instructor interaction ='s Better Training.  

Courses and Services

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Womens Only Armed/Unarmed Self Defense - $200 Armed / $100 Unarmed Designed to provide the student with classroom and range experience regarding skill sets, attitude and stress management required during a critacl dynamic incident. Upon successful completion of this course the student will establish a quiet confidence in public settings, recognize potential danger areas and deliver substantial resistance to a real threat.  


Basic Pistol - (6 hours) - $150- Designed to provide the student with classroom and range instruction regarding Safety, Firtearms Handling, Types of Firearms, Fundamentals of Shooting, Range Qualification, Storage of Handguns and Cleaning. The Course Goal is to provide the student with the Basic Knowledge, Skills and Attitude necessary to Purchase, Own and Use a Handgun Safely. 


SC Concealed Weapon Permit ~ (8 hours + lunch)- $100 Training / $50 SLED Background Check and Processing Designed to provide the student with classroom and range instruction regarding Firearms Safety, Handgun Knowledge, Handgun Use, Legal Concerns and Range Qualification.  

Fingerprinting provided in class / Packets mailed to SLED.


Student Requirements - Handgun, 50 rounds of ammunition, Copy of SC Drivers License, Money Order/Cashiers Check $50 made payable to SLED, must be 21 years old.



Legal Review - (4 hours) - $75 Training Designed to provide the student with up to the date laws, statutes, pending legislation and case law regarding SC CWP, Self Defense, Defense of Others, Use of Force, Stand Your Ground, Duty to Retreat, and Castle Doctrine. The Course will also cover Resoprocity, Legal Carry Requirements, SC CWP Renewal and your Requirements to inform SLED. Open discussion of the above listed subject matter will be encouraged between students the instructor and Guest Speakers. 


Unarmed Self Defense - (4-6 hours) - $100  Designed to provide the student with classroom instruction and practical application of basic unarmed self defense options and situational awareness guidelines. Upon successful completion of this course the student will establish a quiet confidence in public settings, recognize potential danger areas and deliver substantial resistance to a real threat. 


Defensive Pistol 1- (6-8 hours) - $200  Designed to prepare the student in the classroom and on the range with the basic skills necessary to draw from concealment (concealed carry), engage targets while stationary and on the move, under some stress and applying basic marksmanship fundamentals, clearing malfunctions, reloading and close contact techniques. The student candidate will have demonstrated to the instructor'(s) satisfaction the basic firearms knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for placement in this course. This course is the pre- requisite for all other advanced training courses. If you are going to carry this course is a must - Self Defense Shooting is very different than target shooting!  Don't just think you are prepared - Know It.


Defensive Pistol 2 - (6-8 hours) - $200  Review Defensive Pistol 1 and provide training which wil enhance ability by training students to shoot from unorthodoxed shooting positions, defending from within a vehicle, close quarter clearing/shooting and low light application of shooting fundamentals.  This course builds on what was learned in Defensive Pistol Course 1 and is needed by anyone who is going to carry ( Concealed Weapon Permit holder ) and want the ability to aquire Firearms Instruction which will take their ability to the next level.


Pinnacle Training Academy's

Defensive Pistol Training Course


Carrying a firearm is a huge responsibility. 

If you carry for self defense ask yourself

            Am I prepared?

            Have I ever trained under stressful conditions?

            Can I manage the stress?

            What happens if I have a malfunction?

            If necessary, can I shoot on the move effectively?

These are a few examples of questions and training opportunities that you need to consider and prepare for.

Pinnacle Training Academy is uniquely qualified to provide you with the proper training you need to address these issues.


Course Requirements

Demonstrated Handgun Knowledge, Safety and Ability

Proper Attitude                                            

Pistol (Revolver/Semi Automatic)              


Ammunition (250-300) rds.      

2 or more Speed Loader/Mags

Dress = Casual/Comfortable – Jacket, Sturdy Footwear, Hat, Button Up or Closed Neck Shirt. Note - No Loose Jewelry


Training You Need – Training You Can Count On.


Interested Students Contact – Mike Lipscomb

803 480-5660 or 803 275-9487


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Fingerprinting and mailing of packets included with class.


Gift Certificates Available. Makes a great Christmas gift.


SC CWP - $100

Defensive Pistol - $200

Basic Pistol - $150

Range Time - $20/hr 2hr minimum

(Tactical Rifle, Bolt Action Rifle, Handgun, Shotgun)

Distance Range = 200m & 500m


New - Low Light Shooting/Training

Reality - you might need to defend yourself at night.


Unarmed Self Defense = $100











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