Pinnacle Training Academy Providing Firearms Training, Concealed Carry Permits/ Open Carry Permits Tactical/Self Defense Training to the CSRA
Pinnacle Training AcademyProviding Firearms Training, Concealed Carry Permits/Open Carry PermitsTactical/Self Defense Training to the CSRA  


Open Carry in SC - Law goes into effect on 08/15/21.  Pinnacle Training Academy is providing the updated training required by SLED.  Sign up today.


New Class - Family Safety Planning

Everyone has the right to defend themselves and their family, but how do we do that?  Not everyone is a gun person and a gun is not alwys the right tool for the situation.  Pinnacle Training Academy is providing Family Safety Planning regarding Self Defense, Legal Aspects, Awareness, Other Options, Technology and Communication.  If you are interested please contact Pinnacle Training Academy and we can schedule an in home training session.  Available Weekdays, Weekends, (Day or Evening) $100 


Defensive Pistol Course, why do you need this course?

  • SC CWP/Open Carry - Yes
  • Ability to Defend - ? Not Sure
    • ​What Tools Do I Have? Not Sure
    • What Can I Do? Not Sure


  • After taking the Defensive Pistol Course
    • Tools on my Toolbelt - Yes
    • What Can I Do - Yes


Remember you don't need to be World Class, but you do need Ability!!!




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SC CWP/Open Carry - $100

SC CWP Veterans - $75

Defensive Pistol - $150

Basic Pistol - $150

Unarmed Self Defense - $100

Family Safety Planning - $100

Range Time - $30/hr 2hr minimum

(Tactical Rifle, Bolt Action Rifle, Handgun, Shotgun)

Distance Range = 200m & 500m


New - Low Light Shooting/Training

Reality - you might need to defend yourself at night.





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