Pinnacle Training Academy Providing Firearms Training, Concealed Carry Permits Tactical/Self Defense Training to the CSRA
Pinnacle Training AcademyProviding Firearms Training, Concealed Carry PermitsTactical/Self Defense Training to the CSRA  



Self Defense Workshop - Sunday 01/03/21

9am - 4pm


For more information and registration

Contact Mike Lipscomb

(803) 480-5660

This workshop is designed for all levels of ability. The focus of the training is to put tools on your tool belt, that you can use.  You don't have to be world class, but you do need some ability.  Students will rotate between 3 different Self Defense training areas.

1)Self Defense From Your Vehicle/Home.
2)Unarmed to Armed Self Defense.
3)Defensive Pistol.

Each block of instruction will place students with very qualified instructors, imparting information and practical application of the the subject matter. Each block will last 2 hours. The goal of the workshop is to identify tools which are available, that most don't know exist and understand how to utilize them in a critical dynamic incident. 

Cost = $200 per student

Class Size = 8 Students

Lunch will be provided

Bring with you - handgun, 100 rounds of ammunition, holster preferred, magazine holder preferred and a willing attitude to learn. This will be a very fun/informative day!!!

The workshop is open to paid students only.



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