Pinnacle Training Academy Providing Firearms Training, Concealed Carry Permits/ Open Carry Permits Tactical/Self Defense Training to the CSRA
Pinnacle Training AcademyProviding Firearms Training, Concealed Carry Permits/Open Carry PermitsTactical/Self Defense Training to the CSRA  




Self Defense Workshop


Friday      11/10/23 or

Sunday     11;12/23 or


Friday      11/17/23 

Saturday  11/18/23

Sunday.    11/19/23

9am - 1pm


Tnis course is designed for all levels of ability.

The focus of the training is to put tools on your tool belt.

You don't have to be world class, but you do need some ability


Course Content

1.Legal Concerns

2.Multiple Targets

3.Decision Making

4.Shoot on the Move

5.Unorthodox Shooting


Maximum  ( 4 ) students per class


Bring to class - handgun, 200-300 rounds of ammunition, holster, 2-3 magazines.  


This is an Awesome Class !!!


Contact Mike Lipscomb

(803) 480-5660







Mother/Daughter(s) Self Defense Class


Classes Available   Friday     12/08/23

Saturday 12/09/23

Sunday   12/10/23

8am - 1pm  


For more information and registration

Contact Mike Lipscomb

(803) 480-5660



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