Pinnacle Training Academy Providing Firearms Training, Concealed Carry Permits/ Open Carry Permits Tactical/Self Defense Training to the CSRA
Pinnacle Training AcademyProviding Firearms Training, Concealed Carry Permits/Open Carry PermitsTactical/Self Defense Training to the CSRA  

Welcome to Pinnacle Training Academy

Pinnacle Training Academy is a professional personal development company with respect to FIREARMS TRAINING/INSTRUCTION. SC CWP, Self Defense Courses both Armed and Unarmed.  Pinnacle Training Academy has been serving the ( CSRA ) Aiken, Edgefield, Greenwood, North Augusta and Augusta since 2010, providing training to over 2000 students.  


Courses and Classes are offered to support skill sets ranging from the novice through the experienced firearm owner.  If you are interested in developing the proper knowledge, skill sets and attitude regarding firearms then Pinnacle Training Academy is for you.  Pinnacle Training Academy prides itself on providing One on One and Group Firearms Training Opportunities, which are client focused and NRA/SLED approved.  Class sizes are small by design, resulting in more student and instructor interaction ='s Better Firearms Training.  


 Pinnacle Training Academy - Putting Tools on Your ToolBelt !!!



Courses / Classes - Detailed information about the courses/classes can be found under the SERVICES TAB.





Self Defense - Everyone has a right to defend themselves or those they care about!  You don't have to be world class, but you do need some ability - with it you can do a lot without it not so much.



Firearms Training you can trust!




SC CWP/Open Carry - $100


Skills Training

Basic Defense - $100  New Class

Defensive Pistol - $200

Basic Pistol - $150

Unarmed Self Defense - $75

Womens Only Armed/Unarmed Self Defense - $150



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Range Time

Range Time - $25/hr 2hr minimum

(Tactical Rifle, Bolt Action Rifle, Handgun, Shotgun)

Distance Range = 200m & 600m


New - Low Light Shooting/Training

Reality - you might need to defend yourself at night.




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